DevOps Virtual Assistant

Provide developers secure, self-serve access to operational workflows, cloud resources and organizational knowledge with conversational AI.

DevOps’ new best friend

A sampling of tasks you can ask Kubiya’s Virtual Assistant to handle for you.

Trigger and watch over Jenkins jobs.
Without touching Jenkins.

Provide a self-service Jenkins experience with built-in approval flows
and auditing so the entire organization can get stuff done without
bothering the DevOps team.

Access organizational data & knowledge.
Just ask nicely.

Empower anyone in the organization (with the right permissions) to get the answers they need, when they need them. No need for domain expertise or advanced querying skills.

Securely manage access and permissions.

Gain immediate context for every request. Provide granular, JIT permissions (when appropriate) for any resource, with full oversight and control over who has access and to what.

Build it your way, in minutes.
So you can save hours.

Kubiya’s robust SDK makes it simple to leverage existing actions or create new ones (e.g. describe-instances in AWS, listing jobs on Jenkins, etc) which then can be easily managed using our CLI.

Empower developers. Set DevOps free.

Ask and you shall receive

Whether you are looking for siloed information or to manage some complex part of your cloud, all you need to do is ask (in your own words). Kubiya’s Virtual Assistant will take it from there, providing relevant answers and actionable workflows for intent-based operations.

Go mobile

Run your operations wherever you are. Kubiya’s Virtual Assistant makes it a cinch to take your resources, workflows and business processes along for the ride – whether within Slack or Microsoft Teams – and all on the go.

Never lose context

Even when workflows and threads are interrupted (as they often are) our Virtual Assistant’s contextual awareness knows exactly what has been done so far, so you can continue from wherever you left off.

Keep it secure

Grant granular JIT permissions and one-time access with Kubiya’s Virtual Assistant providing built-in oversight, atomic level control, authentication and secondary authorization.

You do you. Kubiya handles the rest.

Use your preferred UI for seamless access to all your cloud resources,
DevOps workflows and organizational knowledge.

A word from our users

Discover how Kubiya’s Virtual Assistant extends DevOps capabilities to the entire organization.

“Last mile bottlenecks are a killer, and tracking down service owners, managing access controls, and provisioning new resources in a company like ours can be quite the adventure. Kubiya’s approach to reducing laborious ticket-heavy process into one-click workflows while maintaining the balance between security and operational agility is a game changer for us”

Daniel Jensen,
Director of Security Engineering

“Kubiya lets my team and I execute complex, repetitive tasks in a blink of an eye. What used to be a long drawn-out byzantine process due to security concerns, such as assisting external Github contributors from partners, now happens with a few sentences. It’s automation enlightenment in a chat window”

Phil Gardner,
Senior Staff Engineer

“If engineering, operations, data, business and security team professionals were to all meet around a water cooler, they would, for example, speak in English amongst themselves if that was their common language. And, if a machine were to join this metaphorical water cooler talk, the group would naturally expect it to communicate in English as well -not in code or low code. A common thread between professionals of all technical backgrounds and machines may appear trivial, but it changes everything.”

Robin Smith,
CISO at Aston Martin

Out-of-the-box integrations

Here are some of the cloud platforms and software solutions Kubiya is integrated with.

Plans & pricing

Try out Kubi, your new DevOps virtual assistant on our free forever tier!

Ask frequently and we shall answer

  • How do DevOps professionals and Software Engineers both benefit from Kubiya?

    Kubiya provides a true, self-serve DevOps experience such that end-users (e.g. software engineers), can use natural language to securely and easily launch operational workflows, all from within familiar work platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. This frees DevOps from handling highly frequent and repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on work that matters most to them.

  • How can I try Kubiya out?

    We currently are offering early access signup where you’ll be able to create your own workflows (whether based on our existing library or from workflows you import from your repositories) and have end-users begin engaging with them via your Slack UI.

  • What are some examples of workflows that Kubiya can help with?

    Kubiya can be used to handle pretty much any DevOps workflow, from provisioning cloud resources, to triggering and watching over Jenkins Jobs, to collecting siloed information (such as cloud costs in a hybrid cloud environment) and much more.

  • Can I create customized workflows in Kubiya?

    Yes. Using Kubiya’s Python or Go SDK you can extend Kubiya and create reusable actions and workflows for your preferred solutions and platforms.

  • Can Kubiya be deployed on my infrastructure?

    Kubiya can be deployed either on your infrastructure (ideal for enterprises or financial institutions) or via our SaaS model.

  • Which identity providers does Kubiya work with to authenticate users?

    Kubiya works with the following IDPs:

    • Google
    • GitHub
    • Azure AD
    • OpenID Connect
    • SAML
    • OKTA