Manage GitHub Actions From Slack

Empower Devs with easy management of GitHub Actions. Free Ops from repetitive requests and tedious workflow maintenance.

Improve SLAs. Keep Devs happy.


Reduction in Manual Tasks


Less Time Spent on Maintenance


Reduction in Waiting Times

How it works in

simple steps


Generate GitHub Actions workflow in seconds

Describe what you need in plain English and Kubiya will generate any GitHub Actions workflow leveraging large language models.


Fine-Tune Workflows with Code or Without

Use our no-code builder to modify your workflows or if you prefer, dive into the details with our domain-specific language (DSL).


Deploy Anywhere

Using our local runners, execute GitHub Actions workflows and actions within your own infrastructure, without any need to share network access or permissions.


Control Access to GitHub Actions Operations

Create appropriate policies for your GitHub Actions workflows and actions, all within Kubiya, with either standing or temporary permissions.


Deliver Secure, GitHub Actions Self-Serve to Your Devs

Give Devs access to GitHub Actions when they need it without wasting your precious time!!!

A word from our customers

Here’s why the world’s most effective teams use Kubiya

Kubiya is a game changer for us, reducing ticket-heavy processes into one-click workflows.”

Daniel Jensen,
Director of Security Engineering

Kubiya gives my Dev team autonomy to run workflows without context-switching or help from a DevOps engineer.

Debosmit Ray
DevZero CEO

“Everyone prefers to communicate in their own language, not in code or low code. This is what Kubiya is all about.”

Robin Smith,
CISO at Aston Martin

Kubiya lets us execute complex, repetitive tasks in a blink of an eye.”

Phil Gardner,
Senior Staff Engineer