Secure & Efficient DevOps Self-Serve


Easily create DevOps workflows

  • Instant workflows with Generative AI

    Describe what you need with a plain English prompt and Kubiya will generate any operational workflow leveraging our large language models.

  • No-code workflow builder

    Edit or create workflows using our no-code builder with live debugging, dynamic parsing and other advanced features. You can also use our yaml-based DSL (domain specific language) for more granular fine-tuning.

  • Connect your tech stack

    You can build workflows with ready-to-use actions from our extensive library as well as leverage our SDK to add new ones from your tech stack.

  • Control access and permissions

    Kubiya connects with leading identity providers so you can authenticate your users. Create appropriate policies for your workflows, all within Kubiya, with either standing or temporary permissions.

  • Deploy anywhere

    Using our local runners, execute workflows and actions within your own infrastructure, without any need to share network access or permissions.

Manage infrastructure and operational processes from Slack

Conversational AI for Devs

Kubiya accurately infers intent even from long, rambling sentence or phrase fragments, helping you access and manage the resources and information you need.

Take informed action in a click

Respond appropriately with action with event and cron-based alerts triggering workflows that you can engage with directly from Slack.

LLMs that self-train on your tech

Use your own words and our AI-powered assistant will understand your intent. Kubiya’s LLM draws upon domain specific, organizational knowledge which can be accessed and updated based on your workflows along with human feedback reinforcement learning.

Extensive library of workflows

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box workflows for popular cloud providers and DevOps tools. Can’t find the workflow you need? Just ask for it in plain English and Kubiya will build it for you in seconds.